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We Are New Dog Parents!

I am so excited to introduce you to my new puppy Bruno. He is Frenchie and we are obsessed with him. I haven't had a dog for 2 almost 3 years. My late dog Leonidus was with us for 13 years and it just took me a long time to open my heart up again. I truly believe that Leonidus sent him to us. I'm so grateful to be a new fur mommy. Well not just me my entire family. My husband and all 4 kids. Im going to share the video's and reels of the kids meeting him for the first time so make sure your following me on all social platforms. Bruno is going to live an amazing life with us as most of you know we are full time RVers. We are outdoors a lot and go on a lot of walks and hikes. Anyways I have listed down below all of my favorite Amazon dog products. The picture above is also clickable. 


Favorite Amazon Dog Products

Beige lint Rollers- OMG you guys!!! These are the best lint rollers I have ever used!! And they are sooo aesthetically pleasing!


Fluffy Pet Blanket- This is so fluffy and nice quality. My puppy is really enjoying it!


Fluffy pet bed- This is a really good quality bed for the price. It’s nice and fluffy. Just make sure you fluff it up or wash it because its flat out of the box


3 pack of puppy blankets- These are so adorable! They come in different sizes so make sure you look at the dimensions.


Portable water feeder- Love the colors of this one!


Dog Wipes- These are nice wipes. They smell a lot better than some others I have smelt


Dog food storage- I lovvveeeeeee this canister- It is small for a 5lb bag so definitely keep that in mind


Elevated folding dog feeding shelf- Love that you can fold this one down and put it away


Collapsible pooper scooper- Love the neutral color and that its small


Beige Harness- This is a really nice quality harness for the price point


Rubber Dog Chew Toy- My puppy loves this toy!


Lick Mat- We have not tried this mat out yet because he’s still so little but I wanted to have one ready to go


Collapsable dog bowl set- These are really good quality!


Natural dog skin soother stick- Soothes dogs skin especially for French folds


Nail Grinder- I haven’t used this one yet but it has amazing reviews. Im excited to use it over the clippers


Reusable Dog Pee Pad- I got this for the car and couch to use white he’s a puppy



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